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Dining at The Margaux Grill unfolds in the exceptional ambience of a European secret garden adorned with abundant grass, herbs and trees. 60 steak knives crafted by master artisans from around the world are displayed at the restaurant entrance. Before the main dish is served, each guest is presented with a choice of 12 cutlery sets, creating a uniquely customized dining experience. At the center of The Margaux Grill are a main dining hall and open kitchen enveloped by all-glass walls and ceiling, where natural sunlight conjures unique moods that evolve with each hour of the day. To the right side of the restaurant are two glasshouse-inspired private dining rooms enveloped by stunning garden scenery, while to the left, MOBO Bar features an interior space defined by floor-to-ceiling glass, an expansive wine cellar, and an outdoor space where luxury creative cocktails await.